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Popular Types of Carpet


Also referred to as a textured plush, this is the standard type of carpet that most people are familiar with. It is a cut pile carpet that does very well in reducing the appearance of footprints and vacuum marks, and usually performs very well in traffic areas compared to some other styles.


Sometimes referred to as a "twist" due to the extremely high twist level. This type of carpet is pulled down very tight, with more movement to the top than a plush, giving it a casual appearance. Friezes also can have colored berber flecks in some styles, which is referred to as a cut-pile berber.


Shag carpeting has come a long way since the 70's. This style of carpet has longer yarns that are thicker than the tight twists of a frieze. This style includes solid tones, berber flecked pieces, as well as two different colors of yarns in a single twist, producing a two-toned barber pole effect.


Most patterned residential carpet uses a combination of small loops and sheared yarn to create the pattern. They are usually a solid color, and use the different yarn styles to create a variety of looks.

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